Friday, 7 August 2009

A bientôt


  1. Enjoy the seaside! I'm looking forward to all the little drawings of Clovis the cat paddling!

  2. You take your cat to the beach? Is it a tortoiseshell?

  3. You still got that rubbish Mac?

  4. I'm back, bronzed (with pink edges) and happy. It turns out you can take cats (yes, he is tortoiseshell) to the seaside, though they paws before the water, ho ho.

    No internet for two weeks and no television: bliss! The children are like little blond and brown wild things, still talking about 'Crab castle' (made of sand, with a moat for the crabs), kites and ice cream.

    Ed, is that you? I do still have my steam-powered I-Mac, but I also have two other machines, one being a dubious instrument known as a 'PC'. Not one of these technological wonders can do everything I want, so spend half of my life dashing between them with a USB key.


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