Wednesday, 23 September 2009


If you're here from the other place, yay!
Now I hope that you'll like me and stay.
Never let it be said
Self-promotion is dead,
Or that versification don't pay.

Welcome and help yourself to coffee -- it's for a good cause. Here's sugar and cream, and a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. There's also a bottle of calvados if your day isn't going as planned. It's nice dashed into coffee too.

(Um, if you've come for the other thing, I'll meet you behind the yucca in five minutes)


  1. Well, hello there Thomas, it's Cat.
    I've popped in to see where you're at.
    I'd be up for that snog,
    But I looked at your blog
    And I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

    Via Nicola's Blogoffee morning!

  2. Hurray, another limerick! Thanks, Cat.

  3. My poetry is awful, so I won't subject you to it.

    Fun blog, and I love your illustrations.

  4. Ooh, I wish I could draw! Wonderful artwork.

  5. Just found you via Nicola's blog. Will definitely be back!

  6. Prowling in with a purr. (Thankyou for the earlier pat.) I like this place!

  7. hey, happy coffee morning. Just popped in from Nicola's. Lucky man getting to live in france.

  8. Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?

    Why's that yucca shaking?

    Never mind, I'll just help myself to some of these cakes :-)

  9. Hi it's another Kate here!

    Is there any more cake left?

    K x

  10. Hello. Thanks to all of you for dropping in. More cookies on the way.

    I'll make my way round all these new blogs when I have the time -- today is already turning into a not-getting-very-much-done-day, and not for the reason you think.

    Not to self: Get a bigger plant next time.

  11. Hi,

    I love your blog! I'll be back often. Time travel stories are a nightmare. I write grown-up fiction (so much easier) but my husband's written time-travel stuff and always goes crazy when he does. I wish I could time travel to the future when it's all finished.

  12. Get out from behind that yukka this instant, young man...!



  13. Ah! Mum, I can explain everything...

    Chocolate chip cookie?

    Natasha, thanks for calling in and commenting. It's certainly reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one who struggles with the implications of travelling in time.

    I love the look of your book by the way. I'll go and explore your blog properly.

    Anyone want a yucca plant?

  14. Crikey - rhyme, art and writing. I'm a bit jealous. And I love that Harry Potter cover - its my favourite. I'm dead impressed.

    I have written a children's novel with time travel in it! It isn't easy, especially providing enough engineering for the reader to suspend any disbelief...

    Looking forward to checking back in on your blog

  15. So sorry I'm late! Hope you have a biscuit left?

    Wanted to do this too but my son thought yesterday was a jolly good time to get ill! Blogoffy morning turned into bitsquiffy morning and a trip to the GP as well!

    Wonderful to see so many new faces and all for such a great cause!

  16. Many thanks, Melinda. I'm intrigued by your time travel novel. Is it published? Er, not that I want to steal your ideas, of course.

    I have a nice, soft-science approach to getting back in time that needs very little explanation and is, I think, believable, but the plot implications are horrendous.

    I'll go and visit you blog later to take my mind off it all:)

    Rachel, I hope your son is feeling better today. there's a new pot of coffee on the go. Calvados is very medicinal and deep in the Norman countryside it's still okay to give it to kids, but..

  17. Fun blog, Thomas. And your books look good.

    Thanks for stopping by my "blog." I'm still fussing over my website.

  18. Hi Thomas

    Nice to have you visit my blog :) Yes the time travel novel is published. I've even written a sequel and would love to write a third. Time travel is a bit awkward I find but necessary if I want a 21st century NZ boy in 11th century Norway.

    You were asking about writing across the age ranges? My book The Were-Nana has had the most press and thats what I'm most known for but I'm still fairly new to the industry here. If I had a big reputation for pbs I guess it might be different but I've started off as an all rounder. I guess the bottom line is will it affect book sales? It might actually help.

  19. Yo ! Yo ! Thomas my man,
    Hilary ! Late, agan !

    Where's you at ?
    I dropped by for a chat.

    Please exuse me rhymin' stutter,
    Regards to yo' Mutter.

  20. Thanks, Melinda. Maybe I won't need to adopt a daft nom de plume after all.

    Hilary, is that rapping? Wow!


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