Thursday, 1 October 2009

Have You Found Your Inner Smile?

From my sketchbooks, here's a drawing of my good friend Julian seeking a sense of metaphysical contentment. Or something. I doubt he'll find it in that glass though.

Julian -- screenwiter, artist and the founder of Moosetours® (sunny holidays for the discerning sketchbook keeper) -- has recently had some bookish frustration. Julian, if you're reading this, here's a virtual boost on the back from someone who knows all too well what that's like. Keep looking – it's in there somewhere.

And now I should get back to looking for mine (I think I left it pressed between the pages of an old book).

Have you found yours?


  1. I found mine. Weirdly it actually was in that glass...

    Kate xxx

  2. Still looking for mine! Love that contemplative drawing.

  3. Thought provoking sketch. I need to go look for mine. Ta ta

  4. Thanks Kate (I've topped the glass up for you), Gina and Anita. Still looking for mine too. I was as happy as Larry until I realised it was only my Inner Simile, ho ho ho

  5. Tell Julian his glass is half full (not half empty) and that might perk him up! Sometimes brains need a little time for the grey cells to reconvene - it isn't "block", it's formulation see, it's all about the way you tell it! :)

    I found what I was looking for in an old book - so thanks for the last post!

  6. Thanks, Rachel. Julian's a glass-half-full person already, but we all have our rejection letter moments. And sometimes it just the wrong glass altogether.

  7. I have a story called "good looking glass"...rejection isn't kind but it is sometimes the best choice you never made yourself. And the good thing about glasses is, there are heaps and heaps of different ones to choose from...just bought myself a whole new set of little tumblers...they're called "old fashioned style"!...the sest bit is, I wasn't even looking for them ;)Best of happiness to Julian - wherever it finds him :)

  8. I found mine in my limoncello;)

    Love the pensive mood of this drawing, too. But also, your jaunty Devil and those dwarfed purple wings. Gotta love him!

  9. Thanks, Rachel -- I'll pass on your writerly best wishes to Julian. He sent me a message the other day saying that, due to a quirk in his e-mail account, he received the exact same rejection letter all over again this week. Nice!

    Terry, thanks! You know, Limoncello might just be the drink of choice when searching the bottom of a glass for one's Inner Smile.

  10. Hello Thomas.
    Inner smile re-found. Partly thanks to that Sprick drawing - just been going through a pile of Naudy sketchbooks myself... I can never manage your pithy captions though...

    Just put a small online gallery at


  11. Moose! It's good to hear from you. I look forward to seeing some Naudy sketches on your blob.


    That should have been 'blog' obviously.

    Your blob you can keep for yourself:)


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