Monday, 14 December 2009

It's a First Draft Hair Day

As it's been, frankly, for some time. But it's not just sticky-up hair and an increased tolerance for odd socks -- preoccupation with the fates of people who don't exist (to the exclusion of those who do) hasn't made me an easy person to be around lately. I know I'm not the only one whose eyes look in as much as they look out, but that's no more an excuse for grumpiness than it is for not using a comb. Mind you, I don't think I've ever used of those.

The first draft itself isn't actually finished yet, though I expect to round off the last scene this week. The achievement is less momentous than it might have been because I've crossed this finishing line once before, and with the same characters too. This time however I know those characters much better, and I've given them some interesting new scenery and a richer story. Of course, the big unknown is whether or not these are people that someone other than their creator will be the slightest bit interested in. There's only one way to find out. But first there's that brain-frazzling first revision to do. Oh, and Christmas of course.

The Ghost Effect is a 70k word upper-Middle Grade paranormal adventure about time, loss and the secret power of dreams. Let's hope that one day it'll be an actual book too.


  1. I saw the picture and recognised you immediately. There'll be a comb in your stocking this Chritmas!
    Seriously, though, well done on having got thus far. Having read the first first draft and finding it extremely absorbing and exciting I really hope all your efforts are recognised.

  2. That's awesome. Good for you. I'd be so happy just to finish a first draft! It's been almost a year since I've finished anything. And I'm still cranky, I just don't have an excuse.

  3. Good for you, Thomas. The end is within reach. And honestly, I didn't notice at all that you were grumpy. And I am always careful not to stare at your odd socks as I know that you have another pair just like them somewhere around the house :-)
    Let's hope you'll be able to relax a bit and enjoy the festive season.
    I too was lucky enough to read the very first draft which I couldn't put down just like Penny. Hope I'm lucky enough to get to read the next one,

  4. I rather like the look. I didn't notice you were cranky either but then I live on another continent.

    The book sure sounds good, paranormal adventure about time, loss and the secret power of dreams. I'm liking it already.

  5. Thanks all for commenting. It's true that I've tried to keep my blog a grump-free zone. Large oceans certainly help.

    Since posting this I've had a shower, and now my hair is mostly sideways, so progress all round.

  6. Sideways hair...gosh. I make no comment on your grumpiness or your looks. I have not read any of "The ghost effect",and so have only your earlier writing to go by. You are extremely talented Thomas,and I have every faith in you. Your time will come.... and so will Christmas. Enjoy it.

  7. Oh go on, the hair and the socks are part of your 'artiste' charm!! Do not excuse them- do NOT buy a comb. Can't wait to read the final draft (though I would be delighted to read an earlier draft too if you'd like to send one across the Atlantic!).

  8. I know what it's like to finish a first draft with the same characters but hopefully better than before. It's a weird sense of completion. You're happy that you're finished, but it's not as momentous because you're not sure if you nailed it right this time. Will you have to nail it again? At least this is what goes through my head. And I don't like using combs either.

  9. It's good to hear I'm not the only one, Anita. Onward and, er... sideways?

  10. Hi, Jenn. Sorry I missed your message!

    Thanks for commenting, but be careful -- I might just take you up on the offer.


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