Friday, 5 February 2010


When it comes to procrastination, there's nothing quite like doodling. I set up this blog mainly to focus my search for a new illustration technique, so at least I can call on some kind of professional justification for not doing what I should: revising a complicated novel.

I've been playing around with the computer a lot lately, looking at different ways to combine traditional and digital methods, and I keep coming back to scanning fabric and printed paper as a satisfying and (crucially) quick way of colouring line drawings. Taking this to its logical conclusion, I have replaced my irritating old banner with an image of me in scanned fragments of my own clothing!

Okay, I suppose I should get out more.

Anyway, if anyone's wondering about the steps, I live in a poky three storey house on the side of a steep hill, so I spend a lot of time climbing stairs. Since I'm basically an aspirational (perspirational?) and optimistic person, a picture of me doing just that seemed appropriate. I left the dog poo out though.

I'm still not quite ready to paint digitally, despite being inspired by people like this. But maybe once I've finally replaced my elderly mac I'll try again.

What do you do to avoid work? And do you have a scarf half as nice as mine?


  1. It is called 'displacement activity'. I do things like read your blog and tell myself I am finding out about writing.
    Someone I know actually took all the pegs out of the peg basket, scrubbed them and then lined them up in the sun to dry.

  2. Cat, how can you see my wash line from over the ditch?!

    It's all creative growing room....not a waste of'd have to have thinking time anyway, so it's more productive than simply twiddling your fingers (can you tell I fiddle a lot?)

    And fiddling makes your brain work better (else a really screechy noise occasioning one to knit one's brow and grimace)!

    Love the new banner - and it's an exterior shot, too - you are coming out of your shell/self more! Also had a titter at the "pokey three storey house" - such a prol - not!

  3. this header is a wonderful illustration of you striding up those steps. Where's the 'dog' poo? And yes, your scarf is lovely. I could never match it.

    In answer to your last question, lately my primary source of procrastination is blogging.

  4. Love the new header. I like your style. The plain back scarf I keep for travels to chilly climes can't compete with yours.

    My procrastination "techniques," as I like to think of them, are too numerous to mention.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Today the children are at home, but I don't suppose I can count that as procrastination. More like being off on hook and stuck on another.

    Rachel, thanks for calling me a prol, but sadly I'm not as prolific as I'd like to be;-)

  6. The same, except with buildings and room layouts and horrible horrible (I used the word advisedly) drawings of faces. And not much scanning.

    Also was looking at that and thought "oh, that reminds me of the copy of Harry Potter I've got". Looking at the sidebar, I now see why! Brilliant work!

  7. Thanks, C Smith:)

    Though suddenly I feel the need to change my scarf:/

  8. That is so cool Thomas. I love the idea of scanning your clothes!

    When I want to waste time, I blog. I should REALLY be writing right now, but I just didn't have it in me this morning. :)

  9. Hi Terry,

    I read your old maid comment on Simon's blog and it cracked me up so came over to *meet* you. Love the artwork. I'm following your blog now # 45-- woo hoo!

    I'm with Natalie-- when I want to procrastinate, I blog. Today it's all about procrastinating, blogging, and reading blogs. In fact, I don't have enough to follow and read on days like this, so I'm out there scouting new ones! Yours is great, I'll be back!



  10. Hi, Karen. Thanks for the comment and for following me. Yes, 45 followers is a wonderful collective compliment. Thank you all!


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