Friday, 11 June 2010

Win a Book!

As there are only a few weeks to go before my family and I (minus one refugee cat) head north across the English Channel (for good), I am increasingly living in a cardboard Manhattan of packed boxes, and it won't be long before our internet connection is switched off. Since I can't be on-line at the beginning of July to note the release of the paperback version of Jack's Tractor, let's celebrate early with an amazing, stupendous hardback give away!

Simply comment on this post before noon of Tuesday 15th June (GMT), and you could win this beautiful glossy book about noises and boyses and rhyming animal fun. Your names will be put in a hat and my mother's dog, Higgins, will carefully select one using the latest psychological profiling techniques. If your name is still legible, I will sign and dedicate the book either to you or the young person of your choice and send it off to any valid address you care to give.

So what are you waiting for? Comment without delay! And thank you for leaving me with one less thing to pack.


  1. Oooh, shameless skint harridan that I am, with a child that loves vehicles, please let the dog pull out my name (well Tómas Charlie's actually). Isn't it weird seeing someone else's illustrations adorn your book Thomas?

  2. yes yes yes! I want to win more than Gary does.

  3. Hey Thomas. We are bored of reading about Princesses and fairies! PLease let us read to EMily-Mae about tractors and animals and noises!
    It looks fun! Annixxx

  4. Ha ha! Perhaps I have two more for runners-up who fancy a pint next time I'm in town;-)

    Gary, it is a bit weird, though in this case I like John Kelly's colour work very much.

  5. Hi, Anni. Your name's in the hat:)

  6. This looks like such a fun book! My boys would love it. If I give you dog a biscuit might he be more likely to pick me? ;)

  7. Saw your post on FB. My youngest son would love this book. He is totally fascinated with tractors. So please add him to the hat and hope your move goes smoothly :)

  8. Well I can never resist the chance of a free book. And I know just the little boy.....who's completely mad about tractors!

    Jumping around with my hand in the air - pick me sir - pick me!!!

  9. Janet, that's a crafty trick that might just work.

    Anita, thanks. Your son's name is in the hat.

    Kate, don't jump at me, jump at the dog:)

  10. The book, the pint, they all sound good! Love the dog using the latest psychological profiling techniques. :)

  11. My nieces and nephew would love this book! Your dog should pick my name out of the hat because I have a dog who would love to be Higgins friend. My dogs name is Tye and he's a loyal friend to every dog he meets!

  12. Dear Thomas, your blog's a delight!
    I'm impressed with 'The Noisiest Night',
    And as for 'Jack's Tractor',
    Could verse for a factor
    For Higgins in choosing aright?

    I hope so - my grandsons would love it. Me too. Hope you're still drinking from my mug.

  13. Hey thomas. Is it cheating if we both say hello!?!? ;-) Looking forward to a pint in cambridge when you have time.

  14. All the best for you relocation, Thomas, and here's to the next chapter!

    Oh, and if I get in the hat chances are I'll get stuck! But Reuben would love Jack's Tractor, especially as tractors are - oddly - the favourite toy/machine of both my children...John Deere anyone?

  15. Thanks, Terry. Would a pint of limoncello be too much of a good thing?

    Thanks, Melissa. There must be a 'tye' break joke I could make, but I can't quite think how.

    Cat, sorry about all the dogs.

    Hey, it's lovely to see you here, Dot!
    And your words are so kind -- thanks a lot.
    Yes, I've still got the mug,
    But the limerick bug?
    Well, I thought it'd come back, but it's not.

    Maybe one day soon. Good luck to your grandson.

    Simon, it's not cheating at all. We'd love to see you and the family again soon, pint or otherwise.

    Hi, Rachel -- thanks. Reuben's name is in the hat, ready to be chewed by Higgins.

  16. Yes, it's me. I've been following your work for some time now. My boys enjoy hearing about Clovis (had it brought from England!) and they love animals!so I think they'd love Jack's tractor

  17. Yes, it's me. I've been following your work for some time now. My boys enjoy hearing about Clovis, the night-tiger (had it brought from England)and they love animals so I think they would love Jack's tractor+it would help improve their English!

  18. Hi, Teresa. It's great to hear from you again, and you even have Clovis! It's a small but interesting world.

    I've put your name in the hat, and wish your boys good luck:)

  19. Haha, Thomas. A pint of limoncello would be fantastic, as long as we don't mind crawling home from the pub, if we're even conscious. :)

  20. My nephew's 4th birthday is coming up! He lives on a farm and loves animals and big machines! This would be a perfect gift! *Crosses fingers I win and become an even cooler aunt than I already am!* ;)

    Good luck packing and moving! And thanks for having the giveaway!

  21. I am renewing my library after leaving behind most of my book collection when we emigrated. I am now collecting blogging buddy books of all types.
    I have a place on my shelf in Cyprus, for your book should I win ;0

    Happy unpacking!

  22. How fun, Thomas! I have several little children at home who would enjoy it. :)

  23. Thanks Laura, Glynis and Natalie. I've added your names to the hat.

    Terry, I think we'll need a taxi.


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