Thursday, 14 July 2011

Character Sketches -- 2

Another character from my novel, this time the gifted but ruthless ‘hero-turned-bad’ Adam Lang. He is the archetypal golden boy, back-slapped off the rails by excessive praise of his talents -- brought up to aim so high that he despises everyone below him. I think we all went to school with someone like that. Adam stalks through the story re-arranging the past so that those who don’t fit his vision of the world were never even born in the first place. And when he’s finished, even those who survive can’t be sure he was ever there.
Click for a closer look, but don’t hold his gaze for too long…       


  1. Awesome! I wish I were talented enough to sketch my characters.

  2. Thanks, Angie. It can be a distraction though.

  3. Yikes! I think I stared into his eyes for a bit too long! Fabulous sketch!

    It must be wonderful to be able to bring your characters to life like this!


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