Saturday, 11 July 2009

Egyptian Sketchbook 1

Digging through a sketchbook from 2002, these pages stood out. They date from a time when I rarely hesitated to whip out a pocket (usually Moleskine) sketchbook to tackle almost anything that took my fancy. That's definitely an attitude I'd like to get back. The fact that all these sketches were made in shadeless places in a hot climate -- as is clear from the sweat-crinkled edges of the paper -- reminds me that back then I was committed enough to the sketchbook habit not to care too much about personal discomfort. Something else that's gone!

These Egyptian pages were sketched from the deck of a slow moving cruise ship. There was just enough time to get into the drawing, but not nearly enough to be fussy or precious about what I was putting onto the paper. So no time to overdraw.

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