Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Dishwasher Dragon

Just for fun, here is the Dishwasher Dragon. He gets his name from the fact that I used only items from the kitchen sink to colour him: rubber gloves for his scales, head and wings, a sponge for his soft underbelly, and the red bristles of a washing-up brush for his, well, for his bristles. The bubbles were lifted from photos – I didn't even try to scan those.

He's not of publishable quality -- just for fun, remember -- but he's certainly a big colourful step in the right direction in terms of a new picture book technique. Click for a closer look, (but watch your tea-towel).


  1. I'm loving your artwork that you've posted on here :) there's something about children's illustrators' work that makes me smile - when it's good that is, and yours is. My old boss, Vanessa, is running a gallery in Edinburgh this summer - I know you're far away from there, but thought the website might interest you - http://www.fidragallery.co.uk :) xx

  2. Many thanks for the compliment, Jen. Lucky you to live in Edinburgh -- a delightful place.

    I'll look at that site, but you're right that it's a bit far:)


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