Friday, 27 August 2010

In the Wake of a Book

In the rush and tumble to find something eye-catching to blog about, could it be that I have stumbled on a subject seldom covered? After all, I don't see many celebrations of a title's removal from a publisher's list. But that is precisely what is happening to one of my books.

To be accurate, the title itself isn't going out of print, it's a book & CD edition of it that's for the chop. The paperback of The Noisiest Night lives on, but it's nonetheless a sad development, not least because the audio version is rather fun. If anyone's curious, the form of words used to condemn a book is (something like):

'I am writing to let you know that sales of this book have slowed down to such an extent that we have reluctantly decided to remainder the stock we have left and declare the book out of print.'

Not really what you want to read over coffee and a marmalade breakfast, but (as I suggested a couple of posts back) that doesn't mean it isn't a significant development worthy of being recorded on a blog like this. Every book has a shelf life, and when a single title becomes several editions, a letter like this one won't be long in coming.

Ashes to ashes, pulp to pulp.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a celebration so let's get to it. I have a shiny rescued copy of this fine picture book (and CD!) about cheeky tigers and animal noises to give away. Simply comment on my blog before the beginning of September GMT and your name will be entered into a draw. In fact, make an animal noise while you're at it (ROOAR!), and I'll put your name in twice. The lucky winner (or the young person of their choice) will then receive this signed book (with sketch), complete with bedtime recording and sound effects. All you need is an address!


  1. All good things must come to an end I suppose.
    Thomas (who LOVES to ROAR at his new sister!!) would love a copy -did we ever mention that he was named after you?! Smooooooch(is that an animal noise?)- how about purrrrrr.

  2. Sometimes that happens. But it's not unusual for out-of-print books to resume distribution at some point. It could happen! If I win, my nephew would love this.

    My favorite animal is the zebra, and I'm not sure how to write its noise. It's a cross between a high-pitched BAAARK and a bird CHIIIRP! Google it and see how perplexing it is, lol! (It's NOT AT ALL like a horse, so if you ever see a zebra toy that neighs when you squeeze it, that's WRONG. Yes, I get very incensed about it, haha.)

  3. Thanks, Jenn. I'm sure little Thomas deserves a copy anyway.

    Thanks, Laura. I don't have much experience of zebras but I'll look up a recording. I'll do anything once:)

  4. GGGGGGgggggggggggggggggggrrroooaaaaarrgh!
    That's my biggest leo roar. And now i need to sip tea and not talk for some time!

    Sad but just think how the value of said book will rocket into collectors orbit :) Buy all your remaining books and then destroy all but one and then auction it off at the peak of your fame!

    My imagination needs a dose of reality admittedly.

    Onwards and hullo to new books/publications is what I say!

  5. Ah, shame, RIP little book.

    BTW, just as a mark of how much I enjoy reading your blog there's a little award for you over on mine :-)

  6. Hey, how about a whale call...I don't know how to type it. Found you through Kate. Many of us in Colorado and my writer's group our finding second life in e-books. If you have the rights you should check out Amazon,s kindle. We had a workshop and I blogged about it last week. Look under e-publishing.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. Thanks, Kate, and thanks for the blog award.

    And thanks N.R.Williams. I couldn't follow a self-publishing e-book route with this book though because it's still in print without the CD. It's just the book and CD bind-up edition that's coming to an end.

  8. Sorry, Rachel, I didn't see you there! And I must be deaf to have missed that fearsome roar.

    I like your plan to creat rare auctionable editions, but I fear I see a drawback or two:)

  9. 'Rooar' 'Hiss' 'Cuckoo' 'Ribbit' 'Miaow' 'Eeoor' 'Woof' 'Twittwoo' 'Tweet' 'Polly wants a cracker' 'Neigh' 'Gurgle'...

    The gurgle was me trying to wake up this morning. Sorry to hear that they are disconnecting this print from the world. Selfishly i would like the copy you have for myself and i'll let any young uns' look at!!

  10. Oscar & Paddy Jensen30 August 2010 at 10:48

    We are VERY sad and VERY upset to hear, that Clovis is saying bye bye :( :(
    We LOVE Clovis and his adventures. Teddy Clovis sits up all night and looks after us when we are sleeping. He roars SO loud, that he keeps the monsters away!

    We are really good at growling, screaming and roaring. Our mummy says we sound like a cross between Clovis and Grandads breaks on the car, when we are being naughty. It goes something like this: GGGGGGRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH.!
    Hug and kisses from us,
    Paddy Pipsqueak & Ozzie Ooooo :) :)

  11. Is there any way of making a file of the audio that you could upload online, as a promo for the main book? Don't know if I'm talking/roaring out of my bottom here, but it could boost sales of the non-audio version, perhaps?

  12. The book and CD sounds like a nice package. One never knows. At least the book itself is still going:)

  13. Thanks, Loodles. That's quite an array of animal sounds.

    Paddy and Olly, don't worry! Clovis is still going strong in paperback, and boardbook format too in some countries. But yes, the cuddly toy edition has now also been discontinued.

    Cass, that's a good idea, but I'm ,not sure who really owns the rights to the audio. I think it's OUP, so I don't know where I'd stand with it.

    Roaring out of your bottom? Nice one! Your name's in the hat:)

    Thanks, Terry. Who needs a CD anyway?

  14. My boys enjoy having Clovis stories read out and they would love to be able to listen to all those animal sounds instead of having their mum making them. I'm sorry to hear it's going to out of print. As my two boys are absolutely mad about horses here is a huge NEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH from us.

    PS. Congratulations on the fantastics news about your novel!

  15. If I'm not too late, please enter me in your roar [ooops - should have said draw].

  16. Please add me in too please... I have only just read your mum's blog and found the link to your blog. We met up via another blog and what a small world this is but I too live in your sea side town. She recognised my post about our beautiful modernist building xox Our daughter is almost 10 but still loves all children's books ad illustrations despit having her nose in all things Enid B at the mo.

  17. Hi, Teresa. That's a lovely Neigh and I'll enter your horsey boys. What noise do Spanish horses make I wonder?

    Greedy Gran, Hello. That's a cheeky last minute roar, but I'll happily enter it into the hat. good luck:)

    Hello Penelope, and hello neighbour! Ours is a lovely town is it not? Especially now the summer weather has come back.


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