Friday, 18 March 2011

How To Write a Rhyming Picture Book and Get it Published -- Part 1: A Writer’s Perspective.

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  1. This is brilliant - and not just for writers of children's picture books!

    Could you have an "ask the writer/illustrator" blog post, too?

  2. Thanks, Rachel.

    Would an 'ask the writer/illustrator' post involve me sitting in state while the people come into the presence? I'd like that:)

    Seriously though, do you mean inviting questions in the comments? But what if no one asked anything? I'd be Tommy No-Mates again.

  3. HA! I meant just drop a Q in the comments. I could assume multiple IDs and ask loads! (Given myself an idea for my blog now...:)

  4. Wonderful post, Thomas, and all great advice. I've noticed, when reading such books to my own children, how much more I enjoy reading them when they have a proper rhythm and rhyme structure. And also how they grate when lines don't fit etc.

  5. Thanks, Simon -- I'm glad you agree. I learnt all this the hard way.

  6. I love the post very much because I'm translating a poem.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.



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