Tuesday, 22 March 2011

How To Write a Rhyming Picture Book and Get it Published -- Part 2: A Publisher’s Perspective.

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  1. Aye up lad - we duzzn't rhyme parcel with castle up north.

  2. Ize mean int'norf of England, not Canada

  3. Thanks, Matt. I knew I shouldn't have used 'castle' as an example. I've made a small change...

  4. "And the publisher is your enemy until the day they give you a contract and become your friend."

    LOL. And until the publisher tells you to do something with your book you don't want to do, like revise yet again, and cut words, and then they become your enemy again. Or until the book is released and they don't sell enough copies to suit you, again-- enemy.

    Really, the author/publisher relationship can be so volatile at times that it's a wonder any books get released. (Excuse my rant.)

  5. Ah, now I get how castle should rhyme - hahaha! I'd be rhyming "yes" with "this"!

    Why does this make me want to write a picture book?

  6. Hi, Karen -- rant away:)

    It's just possible I was exaggerating with that line.

    Rachel, I say 'castle' to rhyme with 'Dover' so what do I know?


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