Thursday, 24 May 2012

Publication day!

It’s the publishing event of the century! Well, for me, anyway. Haunters is officially out today. Yay! Just as Amazon appear to have run out…

But that’s good news for your local independent or Waterstones. And it’s certainly okay if you are in the Cambridge area and can come to my book launch tonight. Plenty of books there, and I’ll be signing them of course. And I’ve been appearing about the place a bit too, such as Simon Kewin’s brilliant blog, Mr Ripley’s Enchanted books, and even – on a very different note – Planet Penny. And that last one has a competition to win a signed copy and everything!

But a book launch?  That’s, like, appearing in public, right? Do you think I should iron a shirt? Sand my teeth? Someone told me it’s compulsory to wear a sombrero. That is right, isn’t it? Now, where are my Elton John specs…


  1. Congratulations!

    I hope your launch party is super fun! :)

  2. Hi Thomas - huge congratulations on your publication day! I'll be looking out for Haunters in my local Waterstones! Hope your launch went well (Cambridge is just a wee bit too far for me ;-) )

  3. Thanks to you both. It was great fun! Some photos to follow...


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