Sunday, 27 May 2012

Win a signed copy of Haunters

Well, my book got launched. Not -- as my son Benjy hoped -- “all the way into the space!”, but with enough bang to leave me happy, and grateful to all those who came. And it was especially good to see so many old friends. Here’s a picture of me looking happy, see. So it’s true.

There were between fifty and sixty people (I gave up trying to count:-) so my fears of being Tommy No-Mates were not realised. I even managed to not pass out during the reading, and no one threw anything or heckled either. Benjy did tap me on the shoe half way through, and Max hugged my leg at the end, but I’m taking these as signs of approval. I scrawled in some books afterwards, and got to see more copies of Haunters in one place than I may ever see again.

So thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to everyone who has bought my book over the last few weeks. And many thanks to Heffers Bookshop too. I’d also like to thank 11-year-old Freddie Rawlins for this glowing and thoughtful review, which I discovered when I got home. Clearly a fellow of impeccable taste. Thanks, Freddie!  

To mark the publication, I’m giving a signed copy of Haunters away on my blog. All you have to do is comment below, and your name will go into a hat on the 3rd June. Comment with a spooky anecdote or ghost story, and I’ll put your name in twice. And don’t hold back – I’m not easily scared *peers over shoulder*…


  1. It looks great. You're a proper writer!

  2. Thanks, Simon. Am I? I don't feel like it, though I haven't had the certificate through yet;-) Thanks for hosting me on your blog, by the way -- it means a lot to me.

  3. Loving Simon's eye wear! Distracted there...
    Oh, hurrah for your launch, and for you, and for Benjy and Max who must be super proud of you! Congratulations!

    The bookshop looks like a great place to be with kids, too.

  4. Thanks, Rachel -- it was great fun:)

    I rely on Simon to make my blog look cool, so I'm glad you noticed him too.

  5. Congrats on the launch! I want a signed copy! I have been compulsively, silently stalking you through this blog for a long time now. Is that spooky?

  6. Ok, that is quite spooky! Consider yourself included, Matt. And the stats are on your side right now:)

  7. Thanks, Ian -- you're in too...

  8. Our doorbell suddenly rang during a ferocious thunderstorm. When I reached the door and pulled it open, no one was there! Was it a practical joke, a wiring fault or perhaps, something more sinister? Who knows...

    I'd love to win a copy of your book :)

  9. Helen, that's definitely weird enough for a double entry -- thank you:)

  10. Always looking for a new book to read... and souls to steal.
    Um, I mean, just a book would be great, thanks!


  11. Bless my soul! Thanks, Sophie:)

  12. Glad it went well.

    I'm going to look like I'm copying, but we had spooky doorbell ringing too during the recent bad rain - water in the bell, or restless spirit??


  13. Stacey, the fact that it happened twice, in two different places, is even scarier, if anything:)

  14. I woke last night to the weird sensation of something landing on top of me. Shaking with fear I opened my eyes. It was pitch black, no moon to speak of, but I could just make out the reflection of two green eyes - and I heard the sound of a gentle purr...


  15. Thanks, Kate. I sometimes have experiences like that, too;-)

  16. Hey Thomas! Well done you man of many talents!

    Here is a true ghost story for you:

    There is a house in our village that has been found to have a secret room. It can't be seen from the outside and is hidden on the inside by a secret door. Rumour has it that an old lady ghost lives there. Nobody believed this until the current owners' first child was a baby. Everyone was downstairs while the baby slept upstairs in his cot. Around 10pm, the family heard footsteps upstairs. Wondering what it could be, they raced upstairs to find the chair next to the baby 's crib rocking back and forth, back and forth.

    The hidden door to the secret room was open.

    Ooooh! Spoooky!!

    Good Luck with the book!

  17. Okay, Caryl, that actually is seriously spooky! Thank you. I think...


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