Friday, 29 June 2012

Life Drawing Friday #2

Well, that’s not a good start. After declaring last week ‘I go life drawing on a Thursday’, I couldn’t go at all last night. But hey ho, here’s a sketch anyway, from a few weeks ago.

Yes, sometimes the models are male. I liked the tragic look of this pose very much, though having drawn one hand well, I seem to have lost my grip on the second. The image of the drawing before -- a reclining lady in a dress -- is ghosting through. 15 mins. Graphite and paper. 

And this is probably a good moment to mention that my new novel is a mystery based on artists and drawing. More about that coming soon.


  1. Mystery and art; I'm liking the sound of your new novel - and enjoying Haunters very much.

    Now, what could be making this gentleman close his eyes? A tragi-modesty :)

  2. Thanks, Rae. It's probably more my shocking treatment of his right fist:)

  3. New novel sounds interesting...


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