Friday, 5 March 2010

Hurrah for...

Looking back over my blog, I'm dismayed to see that it's all me, me, me! I should do more to acknowledge the achievements of my many creative friends and acquaintances, and what better way to do this than by sending out fine and throaty Edwardian-style 'Hurrahs'?

Let's start with two.

Hurrah for Illustrator Cassia Thomas, whose first picture book was published last week. Cassia is a fellow graduate of Cambridge Art School (under its various changing designations). Lively Elisabeth shows her great talent to the full and makes it clear we'll be seeing lots more from her in the future. And indeed, her second book, George and Ghost, will be out in September. Congratulations, Cass!

And secondly (though far from leastly) illustrator, writer, and graphic novel artist Dave Shelton's new book, Good Dog, Bad Dog, was published yesterday (World Book Day!). Dave is an old life-drawing-and-down-the-pub-afterwards chum and a prolific sketchbook filler. Follow his blog for a regular procession of characters and quirky animals, and for dazzling displays of penmanship.

Good Dog, Bad Dog is the first in a stable of titles rising from the ashes of the DFC, a brave but ill-starred attempt to launch a weekly children's comic in the UK. I came close to contributing to it myself, and it's especially nice to see the venture resulting in something good and lasting. Congratulations, and hurrah for Dave!

I would like to make this a regular feature on my blog, so come on everyone – get busy!


  1. Ah, thanks, mister.

    And a mighty "haroo!" to you, in remembrance of The Bird In Hand quiz (and, if I remember rightly, Jeff's Stomach).

  2. Jeff's Stomach! I remember!

    ...I think.

  3. Thanks for sharing these links. I enjoyed all the bright and pretty children's illustrations.

  4. Most blogs are about an arrangement of our own cat hairs but I love sneaking in and taking a look at other people. It all helps with achieving the ultimate goal. Thanks for the additional paths to explore!

  5. Thomas,

    The DFC was a big hit in our house : fantastic artwork and writing, no adverts. It is sadly missed. Very excited to hear about Good Dog, Bad Dog etc. : I'll be sure to check those out.

  6. Thanks, Terry, Cat and Simon.

    And it's good to hear of a real live DFC subscriber!


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