Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sketchbook Sabretooths...

...because, hey, why not? Click for toothy close-ups.

And if, like me, you write for the young and sometimes need a galvanising kick up the backside, this post on Candy Gourlay's blog (about Richard Peck's Bologna speech) should set you up for the day. And hopefully beyond.

I shall be feeding all my adverbs to Smiley from now on.


  1. Who doesn't love Sabertooth tigers? Nice sketches and Beck was good too.

  2. You have to smile when your teeth are so long and luvverly! What a happy tiger!

    But now now - Thomas, you know this is not historically/factually accurate sketching! What might the poor children think - next time they meet a sabre tooth tiger they might wait for it to smile and get an unpleasant surprise!! HAha! Still thinking about the daft criticism Mayhew got. I love children's books. My poor kids must be sick of me reading to them...just one more story...(that's me!)

    Will check out the link now! Oh - and I've ordered the Nabokov - thanks for the reminder - and now I know why you suggested it! Thank you!

  3. Thanks Terry, and thanks, Rachel.

    It's already crossed my mind that big cats can't actually sit like this, and that sabretooth tigers were probably not stripy at all. I'm such a dangerous influence! Fortunately the little one's couldn't give a hoot, and the bigger ones know better than to care.

    Anyone complaining can talk to the cat:)


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