Monday, 16 April 2012

Haunters in print!

Whenever I go away, I always feel slightly nervous about what might be waiting on the doormat when I get back. Especially anything in a brown envelope with a window in it. But this time, after a wonderful Easter week in France, I got back to find – Indeed, beneath a brown envelope with a window in it -- this: a finished, printed copy of Haunters!

I’ll leave you to guess how excited I am about it:)

…but, but, it really is a beautiful object, isn’t it? Its colour combination and design is so fresh and bold, and its spine just cries out, ‘Oi – read ME!’, which is exactly what good spines need to do these days. Aren’t Chicken House just fab with their covers? And here’s a glimpse inside too, because the chapter headings are scratchy, edgy and mysterious, and every one different. Just perfect for the story.

When I think how long and difficult this book’s journey to print has been, I’m almost amazed to see it in my hands now. It could so easily have died on my hard-drive, or wasted away in the slush pile, or been edited to smithereens, or…

This seems a good moment to mention that I am having a launch party for Haunters, at the children’s department of Heffers Bookshop in Cambridge -- the bookshop I used to work in. It will be on the official publication date of the 24th of May, and be from about 6:30pm onwards. I will probably read an extract and go a funny colour, but I’ll also be around to sign copies and generally look ill-at-ease but very happy. In any case, I’ll try not to dribble. There will be wine and interesting people. Please come along if it’s at all possible.


  1. Looks great! Congratulations, and can't wait to read it.

  2. Oh curses! I somehow had your launch party down as being on the 31st. Now I'm double booked for the 24th. I shall try to rearrange the Other Thing...

  3. Ian, thanks.

    Dave, I'm really sorry about that! There's been a real hiccup over the launch date. It was originally confirmed for the 31st but then that turned out to be impossible for Heffers. I'm so sorry to cause you trouble. It would be wonderful to see you and Pam and Mila there if at all possible.

  4. Looks utterly fabulous. Great stuff, Thomas!

  5. The little triangle missing from the A in Haunters is really intriguing me.....OH, but horray! Have a wonderful launch and super congratulations on getting published - it is a big deal and you deserve a moment to be congratulated!

    The cover design is gripping, btw!

  6. Thanks, Rachel. Come to the launch? Dig a tunnel? Something to think about...:-)

  7. I'll be there in spirit - woooooo! :)
    And I will actually come to one of your launches at some point - maybe when I have a visa that'll allow me to leave NZ and return again! - as you will have many!

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  9. Thank you, Printing Services.

    Rachel, I'll keep an eye on dark corners and maybe spot your dreamwalking spirit there. And thanks for your confidence!

  10. Gasp - that looks stunning! Have a great launch party!


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